1. Control of Cadence Lux

Your bitchy girlfriend Cadence Lux is attempting to break up with you, when you hand her a special bracelet as a token of your affection. As usual, she puts the gift down, pointing out that you can never just get her something nice.

Reluctantly, she puts the bracelet on, and just like that your minds are linked. You are now her master and she must follow all of your subliminal commands. There is almost a mishap when she loses the bracelet while stripping for you, but luckily, after a bit of confusion, she is drawn to put the bracelet back on, returning your control over her mind.

Once you have her naked, you prompt her to talk dirty to you, have you stroke your cock for her, then finally, have her finish you off with a handjob. If only you would have known about this device in the beginning of your relationship!

This 9 minute clip includes female training, silent pov, jerk off instructions, dirty talk, strip tease, mind fuck, mesmerize, handjob.

2. The Perfect Test Subject

Keri has been paired with me as her English tutor. Neither of us are thrilled with the idea since, quite frankly, I think she is a dumb blonde bimbo, and she just sees me as a giant nerd.

I decide to use my intelligence to have a little bit of fun with her though. Ive been taking some classes and she seems like the perfect test subject.

She falls right for the “look at my pretty pink crystal” trick! Before I know it she is under and willing to accept my every suggestion. Im thrilled and take full advantage of the situation, leaving her a lesbian who cant take her hands (or lips) off of me. Every time Cali brings her to consciousness, Keri is more and more in love with Cali.

This 12 minute clip includes mind fuck, female training, magic control, g/g kissing, mesmerize, glasses, nerd girl fetish genres.

3. Now Entering Mindless Mode

In Part 2 of this 2-Part Robot Clip…

Cali is still bitching and moaning that your remote control has taken over her body. She is so pissed that youre forcing her to give sexy lap dances and change into this ridiculous maid outfit. Behold the MINDLESS MODE button.

You press it and instantly Cali becomes an obedient servant. You have her clean, crawl and grope her all over. Why didnt you find that button sooner?!

4. Yes Master, We Will Obey

Jade Indica is listening to a track that puts her into a deep trance, causing her to follow every command she receives. She sheds her clothing and mindlessly masturbates in a pair of white pantyhose.

Her friend Cali arrives on the scene, wearing a pair of her own special earbuds and dark pantyhose. She too is entranced and begins to kiss Jade. Once she removes Jade’s hose, the girls are commanded to head to the bedroom together.

This 10 minute clip includes mind fuck, mesmerize, female training, masturbation, pantyhose, girl girl kissing.

5. Sexual Harassment 

Cali and Hannah have never really gotten along. But, since they’re co-workers, they try to play nice most of the time.

Today, they are on lunch at the same time and make small talk in the break room. Cali starts telling Hannah about some meditation techniques she’s been using to cope with stress and offers to teach Hannah how it works.

Somehow, Hannah falls for the trap and after a few minutes of induction has allowed Cali to put her into a deep state of relaxation…so deep that Cali is able to manipulate her brain. She suggests a few things to Hannah that she knows would NEVER happen unless she was mesmerized. She lets Cali see and touch her breasts, kisses her on the lips and humps Cali’s leg like a horny . She is convinced that she is in love with Cali and always has been!

Once she has had her fun, Cali brings Hannah back, but leaves a trigger for all of the previous suggestions. When Hannah puts her lunch away, the light from the refrigerator will bring back all of the naughty ideas now implanted in Hannah’s brain.

And boy does it work! The moment the refrigerator light hits Hannah’s eyes, she scurries off to Cali’s office to profess her love and sexually harass her in front of her cube mate. Success! Hannah will surely be fired once HR catches wind of this.

This 11:30 clip includes mesmerize, mind fuck, magic control, erotic magic.

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5-in-1 Erotic Hypno Bundle with Cadence Lux, Keri Spectrum, Cali Logan, Jade Indica & Hannah Perez

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