Dawn has been invited to a photo shoot, but when she arrives she realizes that Tanya has stolen her place and her dress.

She is furious and asks Tanya to return the dress to her. Tanya refuses as she continues to pose for the camera. Dawn pushes Tanya aside and starts posing for the camera herself

Tanya pushes her away and the girls start fighting for the spot in front of the camera.

Dawn begins to pull off Tanya’s dress. But Tanya fights back and the girls are soon fighting trying to take each other’s dresses off.

Tanya manages to pull Dawn’s dress off first and bursts out laughing as an embarrassed Dawn tries to cover herself.

It doesn’t last long as Dawn is soon back to remove Tanya’s dress.

Dawn manages to easily remove Tanya’s dress and is left speechless seeing what Tanya is wearing underneath.

Tanya is wearing a tiny bikini that barely covers anything. Tanya is really embarrassed as she uses both hands to cover her breasts.

Dawn begins chasing Tanya around the room trying to reveal the skimpy bikini that Tanya covers with her hands.

Dawn grabs Tanya and pulls her arms away, exposing the tiny bikini to the camera. Tanya is totally embarrassed and starts defending herself.

The girls lie on the floor choking and choking. Tanya uses her large breasts to choke Dawn, but Dawn decides to bite Tanya’s chest as she screams in pain.

They fight again until Dawn opts for Tanya’s panties, revealing an even smaller thong underneath.

Tanya has given up on fighting and is just trying to cover her exposed parts. Dawn takes this chance to pull off Tanya’s bikini, leaving her shirtless on the ground humiliated. Dawn goes for one last take pulling Tanya’s arms to the side revealing the large breast to the camera.

Movements: boston crab, full nelson, slapping, hair pulling, biting, choking.

(Dawn keeps trying to reveal Tanya’s chest to the camera for the entire fight, but Tanya keeps pushing it back.)


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