Cali is wearing a pajama top and shorts and decides to snoop on her husband’s VR headset. She finds a sex app and gets curious and opens it. There is a flash and she ends up inside of the app topless in her pajama shorts. She is slightly confused, but also turned on that she has been stripped.

Sinthia walks into the room topless in panties. She goes up to Cali and immediately starts making out with her. They make out for 4 minutes and start rubbing each other over their panties/shorts. Right as Cali is about to cum Sinthia stops and straightens up.


Please say the password to proceed.


Fuck! Ummm…

Cali tries a few things it could be, but none of them work as she gets more and more frustrated. Eventually she runs out of chances.

Sinthia [robotically]:

Access denied. Must destroy intruder.

Sinthia: punches Cali and proceeds to kick her ass for intruding on her program. Cali screams “Fuck” and other obscenities and falls down a lot after being hit. Her face is bruised from the punches. Sinthia continues to hit her, cursing at her until at last, she delivers a blow that knocks Cali out of the app.

Cali snaps back to reality, but is still topless

CALI: What the fuck was that?!? Ok I am deleting this fucking program.

Cali then lays down on the bed to take a nap as the video ends.

This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes fantasy female fighting, punching, one sided beatdown, android, sci fi, boxing, knockout, bare knuckle beat down.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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Virtually Beat

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